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Collaborations for Sync Licensing

Brandon Hess

Born and raised in San Francisco Brandon Hess is a world class rock guitarist and vocalist.  He journeyed to Jamaica in 2015 after a near death experience spawned visions of Bob Marley. Upon arriving in Jamaica Brandon became spiritually inspired leading him to the heart of the reggae music scene in the Waterhouse area of Kingston, where he produced many songs with well-known reggae artists Spear, Buju Banton (Bad Boys Forever), Luciano Messenjah and King Jammy.  In 2019 Brandon returned to the SF Bay Area, where he was introduced to singer songwriter and harmonica player Curt Campbell at a private event in Northern California. After jamming together for several days, they recognized the chemistry and set up an old Telefunken microphone and recorded an acoustic album of original material in a Lake Tahoe Chalet.  Shortly  after that session the multi-track files were stolen during a break-in in San Francisco.  Fortunately, the recording sessions were saved in a rough mix mp3 format. After much discussion the mp3 files were sent to San Francisco Mastering Guru John Cuniberti, to see what could be done.  John was able to salvage what was left and from those files he was able to create a masterpiece called “Brandon & The Beast”

Sheila Nicholls

Sheila Nicholls is a singer songwriter from England.  Based in Los Angeles, she has toured extensively. Sheila has released five albums and has been featured in films like High Fidelity and Jackie & Ryan.  Sheila charted in the US top 10 in college radio and the Billboard top 40 and appeared on the Tonight show. “It's true I write songs and find melodies in the ephemeral that blend with the lyrics in an attempt to make the personal and universal one and the same”. There are many people who have held a space for this body of work to emerge. I am so grateful for your contributions.  My first thank you is to Curt Campbell, a true patron of the arts. To Mitch Forman and Dave Stringer, for your fervent encouragement and love and Michael Bernard Beckwith: you are mind blowing and you know it. To dearest Reirani and your elegantly deviant and insightful mind. To all the other musicians, who played on this record, I bow deeply, please know that I am so grateful for your contributions of amazingness. I know this universe is benevolent, no matter what the experience may look like. Thank you for my breath”.


Donyella is originally from Detroit.  A college graduate and small business owner she recently launched her music into the stratosphere of like-minded R & B rapper singer songwriters with a collection of tunes, that encompass her original lyrics, solid vocals and melodic hooks. On a par with the heavyweights of the day her four new singles — “No Sleep”, “Why They Hating”, “Riding”, and “Work” —  begin to tell the story of her experiences, which shed light on the magnitude of her struggles as a youth and her desire for the finer things in life….Donyella’s impeccable timing, syncopation of the beat and the sophisticated delivery of her vocals are portrayed with passion and emotion in her songs and videos, where the true nature of her being and creativity is undeniable, sensual and naughty…

IMAGE 2023-03-07 17_58_53.jpg
IMAGE 2023-03-07 17_58_18.jpg

Winners of the 2013 River City Blues Challenge, Herbie D & the Dangermen were comprised of a dedicated group of musician's that created a unique sound.  Based in Hampton Roads, Herbie and his Dangermen provided energetic soulful bluesy music for their fans in and out of the region. Their original sound encapsulated many genres including R&B, Jazz and Pop mixed some traditional Chicago, Texas and New Orleans influences that formed a style all their very own. Playing both originals and a few of their favorite covers, the Dangermen offered up something for everyone.  Herbie D who was originally from the Appalachian hills of Virginia, played the acoustic guitar while his raspy voice would sing out the vocals. There, is a wide variety of influences found in the bands songwriting. At the time of his passing Herbie D had recorded music and played live to audiences for over 40 years.  Herbie D & The Dangermen's music is considered a work of art, which still continues to amaze. These carefully selected tracks were chosen from previous recordings and have a soulful melodic vibe that combines the thumping rhythm chops and bottom end thump and wallop from standup bass player Chris Grooves, that balances out the bands rhythmic phrases.  Art Martin the Dangermen's horn player used an arsenal of horns and played the flute that gave the band an added twist.  Drummer Michael Salazar kept the band in the pocket.


Beast Release Records
"Sync License My Music"

"If you hear something you like whether it be a snippet of a song, the entire song, or a section of a song, please contact Curt to discuss the options for using the song. In addition we can quickly edit any of our tunes to fit your specific needs".  

Curt Campbell
Tel: 562-239-7366

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