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"Beast Release Records is an independent record label (since 1998) that primarily facilitates the worldwide distribution and sync licensing of the original music created by “The Eclectic Beast Band” and those artists we have produced".




Curt Campbell is a BMI Published American Record Producer, Singer, Songwriter, Composer and Harmonica Player.  As the founder of “The Eclectic Beast Band” he became a record producer out of necessity and discovered that making great records hinges on forging strong relationships with those musicians and engineers who helped create the sound, because in the end it’s those guys that will make or break you. 


Beast Release Records uses cdbaby to distribute its music to more than 100 digital services and platforms around the globe. CD Baby is the preferred partner of Spotify and Apple Music. In 2022 BMI paid out .002 cents per digital stream for over 1 million digital platform monthly subscriber streams for the song “Desire”. Because of this we recognize that the musicians of the day are not being financially compensated for their efforts hence we built a dedicated website to sync license music for Film, Commercials, TV and placements with major acts.

Curt Campbell with harmonica

Beast Release Records
"Sync License My Music"

"If you hear something you like whether it be a snippet of a song, the entire song, or a section of a song, please contact Curt to discuss the options for using the song. In addition we can quickly edit any of our tunes to fit your specific needs".  

Curt Campbell
Tel: 562-239-7366

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