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Beast Release Records

Music Producer
Singer | Songwriter | Composer
Harmonica Player

Mill Valley, California

Curt Campbell

"Beast Release Records is dedicated to helping artists sync license their original music."

"I have found that the egos are so intense in the music world, that if you don’t have people working with you during the creative process who love you, run like hell in the opposite direction.”

Curt Campbell

Latest from The Eclectic Beast Band

The Eclectic Beast Band


Beast Release Records
"Sync License My Music"

"If you need a production team for your musical project, or hear something you like whether it be a snippet of a song, the entire song, or a section of a song, please contact us to discuss the options for using the song.
In addition we
can quickly edit any of our tunes to fit your specific needs".  

Curt Campbell
Tel: 562-239-7366

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